Getting to the grit

               While everyone was applying to colleges, wondering which one they could channel to affect the world most, I was wondering if going straight off to college was the right path to affect the world. Given, obtaining higher education can enable one to face the world’s problems, but at what cost? Committing to college right off always seemed like closing off for 4 years, at least.  Sure, you can study abroad but what cause does that really further? Of course, being exposed to different cultures is possible while in college, but you can never become a part of the grittier ones while attached to a university. I can’t put myself behind that filter yet. I need some experience of the world before I study aspects of it. With Global Citizen Year, I hope to understand the world differently, fuller, than before.
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  1. Sarah – what will you be spending this year doing?

    • The first month I get to Ecuador I’ll spend in training, learning the language, becoming used to the culture. After that, I’ll be living with a host family and have an apprenticeship in the community. As to what that apprenticeship is, they don’t tell you until you begin training but I’ve applied for public health and women’s empowerment, so I’m hoping for either of those. If I end up in public health, I’ll most likely be working in a clinic. If I end up in women’s empowerment, I’ll probably be working with family planning in the area. I’m super excited for either one of those, as you can imagine.


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