My Fundraising Goals

The tuition for Global Citizen Year is $28,500.

I knew that when I first applied and I also knew there was no way that I, even with the help of my parents, could pay for all of it. However, I was relieved to discover that 80% of all the fellows are on some sort of financial aid. Whatever the cost, at least I wasn’t alone. And true to their world, GCY offered a generous financial aid packet. They would pay for $13,500 of it!

That left me with a difference of $15,000 to pay in tuition.

I knew I had $5,000 saved from working summers as a lifeguard at the YMCA, so that cut it down to $10,000 in tuition.

However, I’m also fundraising for more than just my tuition. The way Global Citizen Year could offer to pay for $13,500 of my tuition was through previous Fellow’s fundraising efforts. Every Fellow in GCY, regardless of financial aid, must fund raise $2,500 for the program to be put into the pot for next year’s participants. That’s how I’m able to be in the program, it’s how many of my peers are able to be in the program, and it’s how GCY can continue to make citizens of the world in future years.

That raises my goal to $17,500, with $6,500 of it already raised through my summer work and a few donations.

Asking people for money is downright my least favorite activity in the world. I would rather have a lemonade stand than go around asking for donations but honestly, a lemonade stand isn’t going to raise me $11,000, no matter how many record-breaking hot days we have in North Carolina this summer.

So here it goes,

Would you help me achieve my goal of raising $17,500 this summer by making a small donation? Or big, but I’m not picky really. You can do that by clicking on the shiny orange button that says “Donate to Kip4GCY” on the left. In return, I offer a detailed blog of my experiences, more pictures of Ecuador than you probably care to see, a whole lot of good karma, and a changed world. Guaranteed.

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  1. Nancy Wills

     /  July 20, 2012

    Hi Sarah – Your father works for me. What you are about to do is admirable!!! I sent a donation to help you meet your goals. You go!

    Nancy Wills


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