Rock ‘n Roll

The day of my 18th birthday, I realized that I wasn’t really changing in those 24 hours. Nothing happened on that day to make me suddenly an adult. It wasn’t that I convinced the government I was responsible enough to hold property or mature enough to buy spray paint. I didn’t become an adult that day; just a paperwork adult. Meaning that’s what someone would define me as from reading the paperwork.

I’m not so sure I’m an adult now, but the person I am and was on my 18th birthday is built over time, smoothed like a rock at the bottom of a river. It didn’t smooth in a day or a year but over the course of its time there, and there’s no single point where you can say, now, the rock is smooth. In about a month, I will be a super-cultured representative of the ol’ U S of A. At least in the paperwork, because that’s what a GCY Fellow is supposed to be.

But I’m not so sure I fit that mold yet. I mean, I’m not that cultured and honestly, I can count the number of times I’ve left North Carolina on my fingers. Still, Global Citizen Year must have seen some potential or they wouldn’t have accepted me. And that’s what it really comes down to: potential. This year has so much potential. For change, for transition, for transformation. Not within one specific day or month of my trip, but the whole weight of it running over me like a river, sanding me smooth.


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