Glamorous, I am not. So when 919 Magazine wanted to do a student profile of me and talk about my year in Ecuador I thought it would be great if they would do little blurb or something. Then they mentioned the price: a photoshoot.

To me, the concept of a photoshoot always seemed like sort of a vanity event, like “look how gorgeous I am”. But it’s what the magazine needed to make the article so regardless of my photoshoot inhibitions we made an appointment with the magazine’s photographer. Then the preparation as in, what do I wear? Should I put on makeup? Does it matter if the shoes match? And no matter how witty the photographer, it is almost impossible to produce a photogenic grin on cue.

Funny enough, the photographer turned out to be from Guatemala and excitedly asked me if I knew Spanish. Upon hearing my answer of “No, not at all,” he laughed and told me I’d learn quickly. Despite my sore smiling muscles, the shoot was not as hard as I expected. Even my dog enjoyed himself; he ended up in some of the photos as well.

Look for the article in the September issue but in the meantime, check out these pictures my dad snapped of the photoshoot while in progress! Behind the scenes!

I’ll never be glamorous per se, but it was fun and there are some great pictures of me and our new puppy, Nikon.

[Updated 9/8/2012: Here is a link to the September issue, see page 16:]

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  1. andy

     /  August 15, 2012

    Sounds like fun! Let us know when the issue with your story comes out.


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