Comida del Ecuador

I arrived safely in Quito yesterday after a 6 hour plane ride from San Francisco to Miami, then a 4 hour ride from Miami to Quito. We got in just as the sun was setting and it cast an orange glow over the clouds we were flying above. Beautiful way to enter a country. Everyone got off the plane in good time, and no luggage was lost in the process! A successful trip! Right now the other Fellows and I are staying in a spiritual retreat center for 3 days. When we got here, Squash Soupwe dropped off our stuff and gathered in the dining room, where individual tables and places were set out and we were served traditional Ecuadorean food including a squash soup with popcorn, Popcorn and Salsathat went along with some sort of salsa, a dish that resembled vegetable lasagna, and some sort of fruit for dessertFruit.

There was some dispute over whether they were peaches or apricots. I got a picture of everything except the lasagna dish because I was just so absorbed in eating it!


Today is our first official day in country. For breakfast we had bread with cheese and marmalade and some sort of fruit drink which I forgot the name ofBreakfast.

Before we started the day, we had an energizer of rock paper scissors tag in high altitude under the shadow of a mountain called Pichincha,


resulting in much wheezing as we made our way up the stairs afterwards. During the introduction today we talked about holidays and they served a warm, red fruit drink called colada morada, which is served on the day of lost souls, a holiday devoted to the memory of dead loved ones. It was absolutely delicious. It was thick with chunks of the various fruits including blackberries, strawberries, and pineapple .

I just got finished with lunch, were we started with soupa de quinoa, which is stocked in protein, followed by a colorful salad .

To drink, we had another exotic fruit juice by the name of maracuya (passion fruit) Passion Fruit Juice.

I am told there are 300 kinds of exotic fruit here so we only have 288 more to try. The main course was rice and lentils 

but by the time that was served, I was mostly full so I ate just a little. For desert there was one of my favorite fruits ever! Watermelon! I was so excited I didn’t even snap a picture, so you all will just have to settle for what I snapped of the aftermath.

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  1. ehmcmillan

     /  August 31, 2012

    I am glad you are there safely!


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